MVS Series MVS Series MVS Series

MVS Series


- Ideal for demanding jobbing shop applications
- Robust frame design minimises deflection whilst cutting
- Simple and fast to learn, new operators can learn to use the machine within 10 minutes
- Easy to use 'Intuitive' Touch Screen Ccontrol
- Parallel guided hydraulic shearing system with up to four cutting edges
- Push-Button' adjustable stroke length, blade gap and rake angle for cutting optimisation.
- Ball transfer system for easier material processing
- Large throat gap for 'Overlap' cutting
- Touch-and-Go' recirculating backgauge system with automatic backlash elimination

Models available:

MVS - 6/31 - 6.35 mm by 3100 mm (0.25" by 122.04") Up to 16 mm by 6200 mm (0.630" by 244.09")